Search engines use the keywords found in the articles to identify the content of a blog. If someone searches on Google, they’ll enter one or more words. For example, if a professional breaks the question of communicating in the yellow pages or not, he will say communicate on the yellow pages or elsewhere?  And Google will propose the links that are for him the most relevant to the user and yes the article of our blog appears before the yellow pages. In order to understand SEO Cycle of Link Building you may always choose to visit their web sites.

A powerful title to reference your blog

A hard hitting and effective title is crucial for your blog post. Only 20% of people read what is written below the title. It is therefore very important that you write an engaging title for your article. The title will naturally contain the main keywords and make around 55 characters. The title uses the <H1> HTML tag for Header 1, only one H1 tag should be used for an article.

Original and organized content

The latest studies say that only 20% of what is published on the internet is original content. 80 are therefore copy or “duplicate content”. All the text and illustrations in your blog should be original. Do not copy text from another blog post into your page. Creating unique content (at least by the time you publish it) is one of the best ways to be referenced in the first place. After writing original content, you have to structure it. The coding of the structure is useful for search engines to understand your articles. To do this, write an introduction and a conclusion, create paragraphs with subtitles (in tag <H2>), sub paragraphs with sub subtitles (<H3> tags). Highlight some parts with bold (<strong> tag). And of course integrate your keywords here and there, without abusing them.

Internal and external links

Try linking your article with other sites, other blog posts, or social networking pages. The number is a little controversial about the number of external links to include in your article, but at least everyone agrees on the fact to put at least 1. By cons you can freely add internal links. For my part, at the end of each article I use a simple and useful technique for the reader and I propose 3 other articles on the same theme.

SEO friendly text formatting

The text of the article must be easy to read for the user. Use short
sentences and paragraphs. Use lists, quotes. Use some bold and italic. The
length of the article, which is calculated in number of words, must be above
300 words. But articles of 1,000 words or more are better referenced naturally
since they offer more content. The paradox is that a user is more attracted to
a short text.

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